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RTIME™ - The SDLC Productivity Booster For Technology Companies

RTIME is an All-in-One suite for requirements, project and quality management, helping companies improve productivity and agility through drastically improved Communication and Management of Project and Product information:

  • Use RTIME's innovative Visual Requirements Management™ MindManager integration to take back precious time. A real productivity booster! Go from brain storming, to elaborated documentation/PRD, to database tracking in a few clicks.
  • Easy, integrated Excel based Feature Prioritization and "What-if" Analysis Tools to facilitate and track investment decisions and trade-offs based on cost, effort, capacity and objectives.
  • Capture and track customer requirements from project inception through implementation.
  • Extensive Reporting: requirement status, test scripts, 12-point traceability, project status, deliverable status, issues, risks, dependencies and more..
  • Integration with MS Office tools like Word, Project, Excel and Outlook for easy adoption and use.

Please select a role below to learn how RTIME improves the productivity of these key project participants:

Product Managers

RTIME's capabilities can be equally beneficial if used as a feature planning and requirements management tool, a software quality management tool or a complete software lifecycle management tool. And in our experience, once one of your project teams starts using RTIME, all your teams will see the benefits and quickly adopt it.

With RTIME you can:

  • Easily manage a backlog of requirements for one or more products.
  • Significantly improve speed, quality and communicate of requirements with our unique mind mapping integration.
  • Quickly perform trade-off analysis to determine prioritization based on cost, development capacity and other market and business drivers, backing-up your recommendations and tracking them as future needs unfold.
  • Maintain continuity in the way requirements are gathered, documented and approved.
  • Maintain a complete requirements change history and easily track requirements through to delivery.
  • Have users complete their own tasks on-line keeping project plans up to date.
  • Gather requirements from customers and other internal stakeholders with the RTIME email inbox.
  • Easily manage dependencies, issues and have complete requirement traceability.


  • Not always clear on what development resource investments are being made and why?
  • Are teams missing major milestones and release dates?
  • Is knowledge retention an issue as members leave the organization?
  • Wish that your teams were more agile to respond to market and customer demands?
  • Are you hearing that knowledge sharing issues between teams is causing duplicate efforts?
  • Do you have all the information you need to quickly make decisions about your products and investments?
  • Hesitant to ask for more frequent status updates because you know it could steal cycles from needed development time?

RTIME solves these problems with a minimum of risk. It gives your team members and their managers what they need to work more efficiently and productively. It gives you visibility into key aspects of their activity without imposing additional work on your staff. And before any expense, RTIME can be evaluated and trialed for free to be certain of its effectiveness.

How is RTIME different?

RTIME's design philosophy places a high premium on usability and adoptability by the people who will use it every day. Lack of internal user acceptance is in fact the major reason why Software Development Lifecycle Tool implementations often fail. Major IT companies offer very elaborate products where the risk is high that even after all the time and expense of implementation and training, user adoption rates are lower than needed, and the quality and quantity of information in the integrated dashboard is low. (Don't take our word for it. Just ask numerous, large 3rd party integration companies that have built a large services practices stepping in to save these projects when the primary software supplier can't make it work.)

RTIME sets itself off from smaller independent software company tools by being the only one in its class to manage the major aspects of requirements, development, QA and overall SDLC while supporting comprehensive dashboard reporting in one easy to implement product. RTIME's single module design gives you the information you need to more effectively make decisions, improve agility and time to market, and assure delivery of quality software that you need to remain competitive.

With RTIME you can:

  • Quickly call up or schedule periodic reports for key information like:
    • Software quality status and trend.
    • Development and QA issues report.
    • Estimates for proposed changes.
    • Development Cost and Variance.
  • Understand with much more clarity the tradeoffs in how your resources are invested.
  • Be confident that your teams are working and collaborating with new levels of efficiency.

Development and QA Managers

  • Blindsided by additional work that throws off all of your schedules?
  • Weary of constant resource scheduling and reassignment that could have been avoided with simple change notices?
  • Spending too much time explaining to customers or sales why they can't have what they need when they were promised it?
  • Have you ever had to halt project activity for one or multiple days just because you need to assess the impacts of proposed changes?
  • Are you frustrated by an inability to clearly convey and justify additional resources based on requested changes?
  • Have you looked at software lifecycle management tools from others and worry that the long set-up, training and implementation time just won't be worth it?

RTIME offers a practical alternative that gets you up and running with a single module implementation that has been optimized over years of interaction with demanding customers. Once an exclusive tool used by experts in a consulting practice, RTIME is now available to your organization. It provides all the standard functions you need with custom fields available for the few items that might be unique to your operation.

What's the RTIME Difference?

Major IT companies have been snapping up software development lifecycle tool vendors in order to round out their SDLC offering. Unfortunately, their portfolio of integrated tools is now so extensive that implementing even a subset of these products can be a major endeavor that often requires months of preparation and training just to get off the ground. With all of the modules to configure, UIs to customize, databases to establish and staff to train, it.s no wonder a 3rd part consulting industry has grown up around all of this activity.

Smaller tool companies excel in certain areas, but only RTIME offers all the essentials to manage the major aspects of requirements, development and QA while supporting comprehensive dashboard reporting in one easy to implement tool that will be rapidly installed and adopted.

By trialing RTIME in advance, you have a low risk way to be certain that your teams will have a tool that they can embrace and adopt quickly. And with RTIME.s context sensitive, fully audited SmartChat feature, your team will be collaborating better than ever.

With RTIME you can:

  • Be notified the instant that changes and approvals are made to requirements, tests and other elements that impact your projects, applications and tasks.
  • Rapidly navigate with a minimum of keystrokes to the project, phase, requirement, issue, dependency, test case, or document you need and see the full status of that element.
  • Always know what requirements are approved and ready for development; know what modules are ready for test.
  • Easily see the impact on LOE with requirement additions or changes.
  • Quickly access and generate multiple levels of reporting.
  • Always trace back any project information component back to the requirements getting designed, developed, tested, deployed.
  • Have a context chat capability that instantly links you to the people associated with each element.
  • Be only one click away from accessing work queues: My Projects, My Requirements, My Issues, My Tests, My Tasks, Chat, Search.
  • Use existing templates for any methodology: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, RUP and additional variants, or create your own.

Product Marketing Managers

  • Blindsided by release schedule and feature content changes that throws off your planned campaigns?
  • Fear the competition is reacting faster to the market than your company?
  • Are promised, critical features delayed or missing from a planned release?
  • Is your collaboration level with product management lower than you would like?
  • Feeling less confident that priorities for requirements are well understood by others?
  • Were you told that you had sign-off authority on release content but find that there is no process to enforce this?

Nothing can make marketing of software more challenging than poorly managed requirements that impact major delivery schedules. That's especially true when companies try to work through the often delicate balance between key customer requirements and general market needs. As a product marketing manager, you're a key communicator, both inbound from market research and outbound in your campaigns, between your company and the marketplace. In that role you need to be fully synchronized and directly collaborating with Product Managers and other stakeholders. And you need to and be given authority in a structured process for the critical approvals that impact your product.s success in the marketplace.

With RTIME you can:

  • Be authorized to enter, review, prioritize, and submit changes to requirements pertinent to your products.
  • Get notifications of signoff requests, approvals and changes when they occur.
  • Get access to reports showing current release schedules and feature content.
  • Have a context sensitive SmartChat capability that instantly links you to the people associated with each element (requirement, issue, release etc.) you are currently viewing.
  • Get more accurate and timely estimates for new requirement development cost and schedule to help you make decisions on feature priority and market timing.
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